8 Benefits of Running

8 Health Benefits Of Going For A Run

benefits-of-running-smallSome people do it to stay fit, others to de-stress and some run because they feel this it is an exercise that suits them with no pressure to perform well. Running is something that we've all done at some stage in our lives, be it for a bus or for the sporting activity we take part in.

You don’t have to be a passionate runner to feel the benefit as researchers from "The Journal of the American College of Cardiology" found that running for as little as five minutes a day could significantly lower a person’s risk of dying prematurely.

And it is not only our health that can benefit from some exercise. Did you know that your activity level can be a contributing factor to the life and serious illness premiums you pay or will pay in the future?

We spoke to our life insurance advisors, as well as some of the trainers and coaches of the Cork GAA panels, and asked them what they consider are 8 key benefits of running and why this is a great past time to take up.

8 Benefits of running

  1. Regular exercise, such as running, burns calories (average 250 calories for a 30 minute run) thus helping achieve, or maintain, a healthy weight.
  2. Serious Illness and death claims are increasing, and one of the major causes for males is the heart. Running benefits your heart by strengthening the muscle around your heart leading to increased amount of blood your heart can pump.
  3. There are no studies to suggest that running helps cure cancer but studies conducted show how regular exercise can help in lowering the risks of you contracting certain types of cancers. Running and exercise in general, can also be used to help improve the quality of life of those who may be currently undertaking chemotherapy treatments.
  4. Running is seen as being effective in reducing high, or above normal, blood cholesterol levels, one of the most common reasons for increased life premiums.
  5. Running can help clear your head and reduce the effects of daily stresses on your mental or physical state. Often runners hit the pavements for this reason alone. People go for a run to just clear their head and de-stress. Make it your mental health workout!
  6. Unlike an aerobic class or spinning class, running continually pushes your performance. You cannot aim to finish a workout class 10 minutes early but you can aim to do your 5/10/20 km run in a quicker time than previous.
  7. Running is great for improving and increasing your bone density.
  8. Running is something you can do with your kids. The rate of obesity in children in Ireland is growing but children have boundless amounts of energy. Channel this energy by bringing one of the kids on a run with you. I did a Chai running course with Catriona McKernian and her 10 year old daughter led the 3k morning run.

There are numerous benefits to taking up running, or any form of physical activity, all of which can help improve your physical and mental well being as well as potentially lowering the cost of your life insurance cover allowing you to reap financial as well as physical rewards.

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