Keeping Your Possessions Safe on Holidays

Our Top Tips


Whether it’s your debit card, jewellery or your passport, having something stolen while on holidays can ruin your trip. We have put together some of our top tips to help avoid this disaster while you are away.

Use Your Hotel Safe

When leaving valuables in your hotel room, it is best to keep them stored away in the safe. If your room does not have a safe, the hotel’s reception should have one where you can ask them to keep your valuables. However, it is important to remember to get a receipt of all the items that you leave with reception.

Your Backpack

It is a good idea to carry your backpack on your front in busy places such as train stations and airports. This will leave your bag less vulnerable to potential pickpockets.

Wear a money belt

Consider investing in a money belt. Keeping your money and documents close to you and secured in a money belt is the best option for carrying your possessions around in busy places.

What You Pack

Be sensible with what you bring on holidays with you. If you won’t need, it is better to not bring it with you. Items such as expensive jewellery and gadgets will attract thieves, and if you are to lose any of these items whilst away it could spoil your trip.


It is a good idea to make photocopies of your passport and other important documents that you will be bringing with you. If you are unfortunate enough to lose any of these documents, having copies of them can make it easier to get replacements. Remember to keep these copies somewhere separate to the originals.

Protect Your Trip

It is a good idea to take out travel insurance before you jet off. This will give you peace of mind that you are protected against the unexpected while you are away.

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