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Sometimes the best way to grow your business is to look at your company from a different perspective with a fresh pair of eyes. If you are looking for help to bring your business to the next level, it might be time to link up with a mentor.

Role of Mentor

The role of a business mentor is to listen, advise and provide direction for your business. They are there to help you identify problems and offers solutions for improvement. Your mentor can help with the decision making process and share with you their experience and knowledge.

Local Enterprise Office

If you are considering linking up with a mentor, you should contact your Local Enterprise Office (LEO). The LEO Mentor Programme is a nationwide initiative that is designed to match up the knowledge, skills, insights of experienced business owners/practitioners with small business owners who need practical and strategic one to one advice and guidance.

Applying in Simple

Applying for the Mentor Programme is very simple. After completing a short form, your Local Enterprise Office will review your application. Priority will be given to businesses which are showing strong signs of growth or those that need assistance to overcome obstacles and problems.

If you are identified as a suitable business for the Mentor Programme, your local LEO officer will carry out a short assessment with you. The LEO will review your business, look at the issues in front of you and then make a recommendation on a suitable mentor for your business.

How much will it cost me?

Mentoring services are available from your LEO at a very reasonable cost. Hire a consultant for your business and expect to pay €250+/hour. But with a mentor from the LEO, the costs can be as low as €15-€20/hour. This is good value when you consider that you could be spending up to a multiple of ten times that amount if you hired a private consultant. Typically the fee is paid to your Local Enterprise Office prior to the mentoring starts.

Drop By Clinics

If it’s just one small issue that you need advice on, you should consider taking advantage of the drop by mentoring clinics at your local LEO. These clinics are suitable to discuss ad hoc issues without the need for a formal mentor partnership. Advanced booking is generally required.

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