Fuel Saving Tips

For Motorists Feeling the Pinch

fuel-saving-tipsAre you saving for a rainy day? Or are you cash strapped after a trip to the sun? Well never fear, the team here at Chill Insurance have come up with a couple of clever ways for you to save a few euro on your fuel costs. Check out these top tips and let us know how much you save!

Shop around
It’s a pretty obvious one really, but you may be surprised at just how much fuel prices can vary from one filling station to the next. Keep an eye on the fuel prices in your local area and on your commute to find the best value.
Easy does it
Try and accelerate and decelerate smoothly, as well as read the road ahead to avoid excessive braking. When you do have to come to a stop, gently release the accelerator in plenty of time, leaving the car in gear.
Change gear early
Contrary to the beliefs of many boy racers, revving your engine doesn’t impress anyone – and it will waste your fuel. Typically, you should shift up a gear at an engine speed of 2,000 rpm in a diesel car or around 2,500 rpm in a petrol car, so as not to labour the engine.
Stick to the speed limit
Fuel consumption tends to increase rapidly at speeds of over 80kph and aggressive driving tends to use up lots of fuel. So chill out, cruise at the speed limit and enjoy the ride.
Lose weight
Extra weight means extra fuel consumption, so make sure to empty your boot or back seats of anything that you don’t need. It’s never too late for a spring clean! You should also watch out for under-inflated tyres, worn spark plugs and loose or missing gas caps, as these all reduce the bang you get for your buck.

We hope you find these tips useful and more importantly, that they help you get the most out of your motor each time you fill up.

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