Defrosting Your Car in Winter

Keeping Your Motor Safe & Sound

frozen-carAt Chill Insurance we always try to share helpful tips and advice on our blog, as well as provide you guys with car insurance quotes. As temperatures have dipped over the last few weeks, we thought now would be a good time to focus on looking after your car in winter.

Picture this, it's early morning and you are dashing out of the house to get to work on time or drop the kids at school. It's been a cold night and your car is covered in frost and ice. So you start the car engine, put the heater on full blast and leave the car running to warm up and defrost while you get ready to leave the house. Sounds normal right? We all do it.

During the cold snap we have had over the last week, temperatures overnight have dropped as low as minus 3 and 4 in some parts of the country, so the thought of sitting in a cold car waiting for it to defrost in the morning so you can set about your journey, is not one that most of us relish.

However, take a moment to consider the risk associated with leaving your car running and unattended, even at 6am in the morning. You are leaving the car exposed as an open target for thieves to hop in and drive off. How nice of you to even warm it up for them and leave the keys in the ignition!

Car theft has always been the number one fear of many motorists and that is why it is covered under your insurance. After all, car insurance is there to protect you in the event of a crash or theft. But did you know that if you leave the car running with the keys in the ignition, even outside your own house, and the car is stolen, your insurer may not cover you for this claim?

By leaving the keys in the car, you have not taken precautions to secure your car from theft. In fact you have done everything except putting a big neon sign over the car saying steal me, I'm available!

Along with this, the cold dark mornings allow for the warmth and heat fumes from the exhaust to act as smoke signals that the car is running and quite possibly unattended.

Now we know it's a bleak thought having to sit in your car waiting for it to defrost and warm up so you can begin your journey. It also means you probably will have to leave the house a few minutes earlier in order to do this, but just remember, a thief usually won't try and steal your car with you in it!