Cutting The Cost Of Your Life Insurance

Money Saving Tips


When taking out a life insurance policy it’s important to find a policy that suits your needs and is at a reasonable price. Below we provide a number of tips that could help reduce the price of your life insurance premium.

Plan Ahead

One of the common misconceptions about life insurance is that it is a form of insurance for old people. However, it actually is better to invest in your life at a younger age as it may reduce your premium. Planning ahead and purchasing a life insurance policy at a younger age could ensure that you secure a lower rate as you are more likely to be healthier.

Stay Healthy

This may seem like an obvious tip but as some life insurance policies require a medical exam it is wise to stay healthy. Life insurance policies are often based on life expectancy, so the longer you are expected to live, the cheaper your premium could be.

Don’t Smoke

As life insurance policies revolve around life expectancy, it’s a good idea to avoid smoking. Not only are tobacco prices constantly on the rise but you’ll find that smoking can see a major increase in your insurance premium. Generally, smokers are treated as equals by insurance companies so whether you have one cigarette on the weekend or a full carton daily, you are still considered to be a smoker. Also, most life insurance companies consider clients who use e-cigarettes and other nicotine replacement products as smokers as well and will rate you as a smoker.

Use A Reputable Broker

One of our top tips is finding a policy that suits your needs, which may involve a bit of time and effort shopping around. Luckily, we search a range of life insurance providers to help find the right policy for you. From Level Term cover to Over 50s insurance, we offer a number of different life insurance policies, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

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