Commercial Vehicle Safety Checklist

Read Before You Buy Or Sell

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If you are thinking of trading in or trading up your current commercial vehicle we’ve got a quick safety checklist for you to be aware of.

Here is a list of in-cab and external checks that you should carry out in advance of purchasing or selling.


In-Cab Check list

  1. Check that there is good visibility for driver through all cab windows and mirrors.
  2. Check that all required mirrors are fitted and adjusted correctly.
  3. Check that all driving controls, seat and driver safety belts to ensure are all adjusted correctly.
  4. Check that windscreen washer, wipers, demister and horn are all in working order.
  5. Check that all instruments, gauges and other warning devices are operating correctly (include ABS/EBS in-cab warning lights in your check list).
  6. Check that the cab is clean with no obstructions or visible loose material.
  7. Check that there is a high visibility jacket or vest accessible in the cab.


External Check List

  1. Make sure the vehicle is sitting square and not leaning to one side.
  2. Make sure that the tax, insurance and transport discs (if applicable) are present and valid. Also that number plates clearly visible.
  3. Make sure that wheels are in good condition and secure. This means checking that all tyres are undamaged with correct inflation and tread depth.
  4. Make sure that all lights, reflectors and markings are not only fitted but also clean and in good condition.
  5. Make sure that the exhaust is secure with no excess noise or smoke.
  6. Make sure that air & electrical suzies and connectors are fitted correctly (inc. ABS / EBS cable).
  7. Make sure that all vehicle access, steps, catwalk or drawbar coupling are in good condition.
  8. Make sure that vehicle body / wings / guards, side and rear / curtains and straps / doors / tail lift are in good condition.
  9. Make sure that the fifth wheel is located correctly and is locked. Also check that the landing legs and handle are in the correct position.
  10. Make sure that the trailer park brake is operating correctly.
  11. Make sure that air suspension is set correctly.
  12. Make sure to check engine oil, water, windscreen washer reservoir and fuel levels. Also check that there are no leaks.
  13. Make sure that the fuel cap seal is in place and that it is not leaking.


Before Leaving The Depot

  1. Ensure that the steering and brakes are operating correctly.
  2. Ensure that loads are secured and that weight is distributed correctly.


On The Road

  1. Check that the tachograph, speedometer and speed limiter are operating correctly.
  2. Check that the ABS/EBS warning lights are off.

Having a well-maintained and safe vehicle has many cost effective benefits such as:

  • The vehicle can be cheaper to run.
  • Helps you maintain a reliable service thus not impacting on your customers.
  • Helps reduce major operating costs.
  • Can help maintain fuel consumption levels.
  • May help lower insurance costs.

The RSA have a number of different checklists and walk-arounds that those looking to buy or sell a commercial vehicle should be aware of before they begin the process.

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