Choosing your family car

Tips for selecting the right car



This should be one of the first things you consider when choosing a family car. It is quite obvious but you should not get a car with five seats if you have a family with six people, for example. Secondly, you will also have to think about other things when it comes to size, such as how big the boot space is and how many car seats need to fit in the backseat. Another important aspect is that you are comfortable in the driver's seat and have good visibility out of the front, side and rear windows. If it is your first family car, parking or getting a sense of control, can be a big change from driving a smaller vehicle.


The car should give you an option to allow you to switch on and off the airbag, lock and unlock the back windows and activate child locks on the back doors. You should also check the safety rating of the vehicle you are planning to buy. The rating is called the Euro NCAP rating. Most modern cars get five star ratings but you can go into further detail with each model.

Child Friendly

A child friendly car will benefit you in more ways than one. Good child friendly features include sun blinds, tinted rear windows, DVD screens, 12V power sockets in the back for charging tablets and hand-held game consoles. These are some examples that can keep your children occupied and can help you keep focused on the road while driving.


Another one of our key recommendations is that you budget your expenses when purchasing a new car. Remember that the initial cost of the car is only a small part of the expense. You also need to consider running, maintenance and insurance costs to ensure you don’t go over budget.

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