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Buying a Used Car?

Four things you need to know


Buying a used car can turn out to be quite a benefit to you. If you are lucky enough to find yourself a good deal you can save a lot of money, in comparison to purchasing a brand new vehicle. Here at Chill Insurance we know a thing or two about helping our customers get a great deal on their insurance cover. Here are some tips on what to do when buying a used car.

Do your homework

Once you have a general idea of what exact vehicle you want to purchase, it is recommended that you do some research. This will not only give you a greater knowledge of your car but it will also come in handy during the negotiation stage. It’s advised that you ask for a history report on the vehicle, which will give you some helpful information about the cars accident and insurance history. It will also allow you to check the odometer of the vehicle, giving you the exact miles that have been driven.

Vehicle inspection

Before you even begin to think about test driving your vehicle of choice, you should give it a thorough interior and exterior inspection. The interior inspection should consist of checking the wear and tear of the seats, belts, electronic devices such as windows and various buttons inside the car. The exterior inspection should include checking the main parts of the vehicle such as the oil level, the tires and most importantly the timing belt. This usually has to be replaced every 60-100,000 miles and can be quite expensive, costing usually in and around €500.

Test Drive

You should never purchase a car without giving it a test drive. The test drive allows you to get a feel of the car. Important things to look out for are the car's ability to respond to your movements, so it's important to check that the breaks, acceleration and steering are working correctly. If you are driving a stick shift car, another important thing you need to do is check that the gears shift comfortably and smoothly, as this is extremely expensive to replace. Finally, try to take your test drive on a route that you are comfortable with, allowing you to focus more on the car because of your familiarity with the roads.


If you buy a car from a garage or car dealer, then you are protected by the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980. This means that any terms and conditions set out with the dealer will have to be honoured by them. However, if you were to purchase a car from a private seller, you must ensure that you are completely satisfied with the vehicle before you pay the seller. Finally, we recommend that no matter what method of payment you decide to use, whether it be cheque, online banking or even cash, always remember to get a signed and dated receipt. It should include the buyers name, the sellers name and both addresses along with the vehicle details and price.

At the end of the day, the decision on what car or dealership you go with is entirely up to you. So is your car insurance decision. But here at Chill Insurance we pride ourselves on making your life a whole lot easier by searching for the best policy for you. So if you are looking for a new cover or have any questions, just give one of our friendly team members a call on 1890 30 20 20 or get a quick quote above.