Best Selling Vans in Ireland 2019

Discover the five most popular models across the country


With 2020 well and truly underway, we can be sure that many small and big business owners alike will be looking to upgrade their van for the new decade. With registrations for light commercial vehicles up 142.79% from 2010 to 2019 according to the Society Of The Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) we can only hope that this figure will increase into the future. With that in mind we thought it would insightful to take a look into the top five best-selling vans in Ireland for 2019.

5) Citroen Berlingo

Popular with small business owners and craftsmen, the 1,172 registrations of new Citroen Berlingo’s come down to its easy to drive and efficient nature. The inside cabin is comfortable for long journeys regardless of the load and its infotainment system with built in Sat-Nav ensures you don’t get lost delivering products to even the remotest of locations. With the strongest version able to carry up to 1000kg we are sure the Berlingo will continue to sell well into 2020.

4) Renault Trafic van

Fitting into the medium sized van category is the Renault Trafic which sold 1,357 new units in 2019. The Trafic wins over its buyers on the inside, with the new model released at the start of last year having a very comfortable interior. The ‘Business +’ models and up include a neat feature which turns the middle front passenger seat into a table with detachable clipboard and storage place for a laptop. Making it ideal for business people required to make amendments and changes on the go.

3) Ford Transit Custom Comm

Often seen as the standard setter for vans, the American classic has been the bestselling van in Europe over the last 40 years. And with good reason. The first thing customers notice when test driving the van is its handling. The perfect steering with enough feedback without being overbearing. The Transit allows for a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.4 tonnes in higher spec models, meaning it significantly outperforms competitors in the same department. Its 1,535 registrations in 2019 speak for themselves.

2) Peugeot Partner

Unknown to most van buyers, the Partner and the Citroen Berlingo are the same van underneath the veil of branding and body. But with 1,553 registrations, what attracts more to the Peugeot Partner? Its punchy 1.5 litre diesel engines offer great fuel efficiency even with heavy loads up to 1000kg. Coming in two body lengths; Standard L1 and Long L2 it leaves customers the choice based on their needs. The Partner seems to combine the best elements of the Citroen Berlingo and Opel’s Vivaro to leave buyers with a spacious cabin, lots of storage place and a comfortable drive.

1) Volkswagen Caddy

Despite a new model coming to market this year for the first time since 2015, the Caddy still reigns supreme in Ireland with 1,917 new registrations in 2019. A van compact enough to suit the city without compromising on space. Much like all Volkswagens, the outstanding build quality and reliability speaks for itself. The cabin remains simple and unsophisticated, again without compromising on comfort. The sliding door also allows for easy access to the front of the loading area, a great help for smaller vans where loads can often be removed from the side. With what seems like the van that has thought of every finer detail, what is not to like? And with a new model being released later this year we can only assume sales will increase.

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