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Be Aware and Drive with Care

Check Out Our Safety Guide

young-woman-looking-out-of-carSo it’s finally over! All the hours you spent practicing those horrible three-point turns, hill starts, and tricky manoeuvres have finally paid off and you’ve passed your driving test! As a young driver who is new to the road, you need to take care while driving.

At Chill Insurance we’re here to help as you take to the roads with your full licence. We’ve been hard at work to deliver you the very best advice from pricing tips to ways to keep you claim free. Read on now to find out the top advice from the Chill Insurance team.

Buckle up!
Seat belts save lives. Not only that, but it’s a requirement by law for all passengers and drivers to wear their seat belt at all times.
Let it ring
We all know how important smartphones are, but they can make it difficult to concentrate, which can increase your chances of a crash. Not only that, it’s also illegal to be holding any mobile device while driving. If your phone beeps or rings, wait until you have finished your journey before you check it.
Speed racer
The majority of accidents and deaths on Irish roads are caused by motorists speeding. We’ve all wondered what it’d be like to put the foot down, but it is NEVER worth putting yourself or your passengers at risk. There is a reason why we have a speed limit. Don’t be a speed demon, obey the speed limits.
Turn it down
Another big problem for drivers is listening to loud music. It can distract other road users, but more importantly, it can prevent you from hearing things like horns, engines, and vehicles. If you must listen to music while driving, keep it at a level where you can still hear traffic.

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