Back To School Saving Tips

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The cooler days and shorter evenings at the end of August mark the end of the summer period and the return to school for hundreds of thousands of students right across the country. It can be a worrying time for parents especially with the costs associated with starting a new term.

There are a few simple ideas to save money when you are preparing for the return to the classroom. Explore our blog as we share some of our money saving insights.


With children constantly growing, it is very likely you will need to buy a new uniform in September time. If your school allows you to purchase a generic uniform from your local department store and to apply the crest yourself, this is an option worth considering. If not, ask your school for a list of all the suitable suppliers and see if you can shop around for the best value.

Purchasing your uniform from your local department store is a great way to save money. If your school does not have a policy that permits this, it would be worthwhile approaching the principal or the board of management.

In some schools, there may be a second hand uniform sale and purchasing your new school jumper/ties this way would prove economical.


With students studying so many subjects these days, it is not surprising to see that school books account for most of the spend for parents when getting their children ready for school.

The key here is to buy second hand. If your school doesn’t run a second-hand book sale, consider searching for the books online or on Facebook.

Once you’ve got all the new books organised, it is good practice to get the books covered so that you will be able to sell them on again next year.


Preparing packed lunches takes time but it is often the cheapest and most nutritious way to organise your child’s lunchbox for school. The key here is to spend a bit of time planning the food for the week and to save a few Euros by buying in bulk.

If any of your family are starting back in school this September, we that you have found this blog useful.