A Picture Perfect Home

Planning Your Home Photo Shoot

picture perfect homeHouse hunting can be a daunting task for all those involved but many people forget about how difficult it can be for those trying to sell or rent a home. If you are putting your house on the market there can be a lot of barriers that you might not take into consideration initially. One of these is having the best images to showcase how great your home is for anyone who might come across it online. Even if you have a brilliant home in a fantastic area, which is close to a lot of good amenities, bad images of your home can be more off putting than you would think.

We recently did a blog that had some suggestions on how to take the best picture of your car when you decide that you want to sell it yourself. This got us wondering if there were any tips that we had that might be useful for anyone who was looking to get into the property market apart from making sure you invest in some home insurance. As we mentioned in "selling your car" blog, one of the major benefits of being able to take professional photographs is that you can save on this cost and can put this money towards something else.

Much like our blog on how to take the best picture of your car, today's home photography focused blog will look at when to take the best picture of your property, what you should do inside and outside your home and finally what lenses and angles work best.

Good Pictures Of Your Home.

  • Take your pictures, especially inside, at twilight as this ensures that you capture the best light.
  • If you are taking external shots make sure to keep the sun behind you.
  • If your house is empty then try to capture rooms together if possible. This means if your sitting room and kitchen lead onto each other try taking a picture highlighting this feature.
  • No flash angles. Keep the camera straight and level as this means that you avoid making certain walls slanted.
  • Use logical props as much as possible such as chairs, fruit, magazines and towels where possible. Use odd numbers of accessories and mix up the sizes.
  • If you have blinds make sure they are drawn as this will make the windows look transparent.
  • Take the picture from chest level so that you show less of the ceiling.
  • Give yourself a day to take the pictures as different rooms look better at different times of the year.
  • Turn all the lights in the house on and take your pictures outside at dusk as this makes the house seem more welcome.
  • Don’t use wide angle lens when taking interior shots as they make rooms look small.
  • If you have empty rooms in the house then stand back when taking the pictures as this will highlight how large the space is.

There are plenty of other photography tips that you may have learned from experience that we haven’t included here. If you do think of any just let us know in the comments below.

Getting that picture perfect image of your home, whether you selling or renting, can be a great step in getting it onto the market. This allows you to showcase your home in it's best light for anyone who might be potentially interested. The old adage of a picture tells a thousand words has never been truer but now you can control the what is seen.

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