Driving in winter weather

Winter driving and vehicle maintenance

driving on wintery motorway

To help you stay safe on the road this winter, we have put together some winter driving and vehicle maintenance tips.

Driving safely is a must all year round, but of all the seasons, it’s especially important to drive with the utmost care and attention during the winter. The combination of adverse weather conditions and long, dark nights can make hitting the roads more dangerous. It’s crucial that you take extra precautions when you’re behind the wheel during the chilly season. To help you stay safe on the highways we have put together some winter driving and vehicle maintenance tips.

Snow & Ice

Avoid braking suddenly. Instead, reduce your speed smoothly and gradually. Drive significantly slower than normal to reduce your chances of skidding. Make sure you approach bends and corners with extra care. If you lose control, don’t panic. Take your foot off the accelerator, making sure your wheels are positioned in the direction you want to go in. To avoid wheel-spin, pull away in second gear and ease your foot off the clutch.


Avoid driving in foggy conditions unless it’s absolutely necessary. Switch on your headlights and fog lamps to help with visibility. Don’t be tempted to ‘hang on’ to the car in front. You may get too close to brake safely.


Stopping distances increase when roads are wet, so make sure you leave double the gap between you and the vehicle in front compared to what you would normally do in dry conditions. Always use your wipers and headlights to help improve your vision. Slow down before driving through large puddles.

Make sure you and your car are protected this winter. The best way to do this is by choosing a car insurance policy that is right for you. Why not get a quote above or give us a call on 01 400 3400 to see how much you could save?