Your Direct Debit Form

How To Fill Out A Mandate

To help you navigate any stumbling blocks you might encounter when you are completing a direct debit mandate we have created a quick how to guide. We will be covering topics such as how to fill one in, can I cancel one and what must be done if I wish to do so.

Filling In A Direct Debit Form

There can be subtle differences between different companies and their own specific direct debit forms so we will focus on specific information relating to Chill Insurance direct debit mandate forms.

  • Direct Debit Mandates need to be signed and dated in two separate places.
  • The first signature field is only for the policyholder. The second signature field is for the account holder of the bank account nominated – both signatures and dates are required if this is a joint account.
  • In accordance with SEPA procedures recently implemented the account holder’s sort code and account number are no longer used and have been replaced by their IBAN and BIC numbers. These numbers can be found on your bank statement or via your bank.
  • Before the process can begin the payer has to authorise for payment collection from your account. In some cases this can be done over the phone but in many cases this is achieved by completing the direct debit form similar to the one found here.

Can I Cancel It?

In many cases it is easy to cancel or amend a direct debit form. To do so all you need to do is inform both the service provider and your bank in writing. The bank will inform the service provider of any changes made.

What The Bank Must Do:

The banks must ensure that all payments are processed in line with any agreed time frames. Direct debits must only be paid in accordance with the customers instructions.

What You Should Do:

Always check that any amounts collected are in line with what was agreed upon. To ensure that you are not overdrawing on your account you should pick a date in the month that suits you for collection, such as close to a pay period.

The direct debit system, used by ourselves and many other service providers, can cause some issues if you are not familiar with using it. The major benefit of using the system is that it is not only safe and secure but also convenient for both parties involved.

If you would like to learn more about direct debit payments just call us on 1890 30 20 20 to speak to one of our customer service team .