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Send a Document to Chill

Copy of Driving Licence

Please reference your licence type below and follow the instructions.

Plastic Licence

If you are sending in a copy of your plastic licence, please ensure all information on both the back and front of the licence is visible, as per the image below.


Paper Licence

For those sending a copy of a paper licence, please ensure the licence is unfolded and all edges are visible on both sides.

  • For the front of the licence we will need to be able to see all information, including the picture, the categories the licence covers and the dates valid.

  • For the back of the licence we will need to be able to see the entire section including the Country page, Additional information page and Endorsements page.


If you would like to find out how to send a copy of your No Claims Bonus you can check out our customer care page here.

RecommendedSend in via Email

We can accept a copy of your licence as a scanned email attachment. Simply click the button below and email it to us. Please ensure all four corners are visible in the scan.