A Guide To No Claims Bonus

What Is It and Where Do I Get It

At Chill Insurance we are always looking at ways to help our customers get their policy in place at a great price. Having your no claims bonus details to hand during the quote process is a brilliant way for you to get an accurate car insurance quote.

But there might be still some uncertainty on your behalf about the exact details of no claims bonus , who provides the information and can you protect it.

To help you get to the bottom of the these questions we put together a quick guide to help you understand no claims bonus.

A Guide To No Claims Bonus

  • When you purchase a motor policy under your own name, you begin to earn your No Claims Bonus. This is an entitlement that reflects your experience as a driver, and could allow you to get lower premium quotes than drivers without such a Bonus.
  • The No Claims Bonus is counted in years, and is awarded at renewal of each 12-month policy term. If a policy is cancelled before the renewal date, the No Claims Bonus does not advance by one year.
  • Your Proof of No Claims Bonus Certificate is issued each year by your insurer as part of your Renewal Invitation. This is sent approximately three weeks before your policy renewal date.
  • If you need your Proof of No Claims Bonus in advance of this , you must contact the insurance company or broker through which your most recent motor policy was organised. Most companies consider a No Claims Bonus to be expired after two years. If your most recent motor policy expired over two years ago, your No Claims Bonus may not be used in a new quotation.
  • The highest level of No Claims Bonus offered by most insurance companies within the Republic of Ireland varies between five years and six years, although there are some exceptions. While you may have been driving claims-free on your own policy for ten years or more, your Proof of No Claims Bonus may say five or six years, reflecting the maximum Bonus allowed by your insurance provider.
  • In some circumstances your No Claims Bonus may not be accepted if there has been a claim against your policy during the policy term. This may also result in your No Claims Bonus being lost or decreased, although claims for Fire, Theft or Windscreen damage may not have this impact.
  • It is possible to protect your No Claims Bonus from being affected by a claim on your policy, with either Full or Step-Back No Claims Bonus Protection.
  • Full No Claims Bonus Protection means that you can claim on your policy (usually to up two claims in a three-year period) without affecting your No Claims Bonus.
  • Step-Back No Claims Bonus Protection means that your No Claims Bonus will be reduced in the event of a claim, usually by either two or three years, depending on the particular insurance provider’s policy

We have also done some other blogs on the topic which further covered understanding the NCB and providing you with a jargon buster on the topic.

If you do have any other questions related to your no claims bonus we are here to help. Just leave your question in the comments below, leave a comment on our Facebook page, on @chill_insurance or send an email to info@chill.ie.