Top Motoring Apps

Our Pick of the Best Around

car-in-own-laneAt Chill Insurance we're passionate about making your life easier. From comparing 14 insurers to helping you find the right car, we're always here to help.

We also know driving can sometimes get a little bit stressful. So to try and make things a bit less heated for you (and your passengers), we've done our homework and identified the top driving apps around. That's why we're the good guys of insurance.

Vlingo - Free
For those unfamiliar with Vlingo, it's a superb speech recognition app on Android and iPhone that enables you to get things done on the go. And unlike some voice recognition technology this app won't drive you round the bend. It lets you easily and safely make calls, send texts and update your social media profiles. You can also integrate mapping, search and email so that you stay connected in the car.
Google Maps - Free
Just like when you use Google Maps on your laptop, this app offers detailed 3D maps of the area, but also includes useful information that you need in the car, such as petrol stations, places to grab a bite to eat and hotels. As you'd expect from Google this app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.
Aston Martin - €0.89
Although, this app doesn't transform you into James Bond, it's got some seriously cool features that even 007 would be proud of. Using the in-built GPS on an iPhone it lets you measure your speed and g-force, as well as makes useful recommendations on nearby roads to use. It's a snip at just €0.89, but unfortunately is only available on iPhone.
Dynolicious Classic - €4.49
If you like seeing real-time data about your car's performing then this iPhone app is for you. Dynolicious Classic uses the iPhone's accelerometer to tell you how quickly your car goes from 0-60mph, its horsepower, lateral G's, as well as a host of other performance data. The app keeps all the information which you can use to analyse the power and performance of your car.
Garmin Street Pilot - €59.99
Garmin is well-known as a big player in the SatNav market and this app, although quite pricey is well worth downloading. It's a slightly scaled down, yet fully functioning SatNav that provides detailed routes and speed camera alerts, as well as 3D views of junctions and buildings. If you do a lot of driving and are used to Garmin, then we'd recommended you test drive this app today. Street Pilot is only available on iPhone, but Garmin do have a number of other apps designed for Android and Windows Phone.

Keep your eyes peeled for more great motoring apps as many experts are predicting that 2013 will be the year developers focus their attention on cars. In the meantime we'd love to hear about your dream driving app in the comments section below.