Top Money Saving Websites

Websites To Help You Save

top money saving websitesOver the last few years its been virtually impossible to turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper and not hear about the recession. During this period of doom, gloom and belt-tightening we've seen the rise of the savvy shopper and a number of websites have sprung up offering fantastic money saving advice to this new type of informed consumer.

We love these sites too, as well as any opportunity to offer a great deal on things like cheap home insurance. In fact it's in our DNA to get you guys the best deal at a fantastic price and that's why we've listed five of our top Irish money saving websites:

Ask About Money
This fabulous forum is jam packed full of great advice on a range of consumer financial issues. It boasts an extremely active, helpful community and questions are replied to very quickly.
Everyone knows Boards as the go to place for honest opinion, information and occasional heated discussion on nearly any topic. Amongst the seemingly endless conversations there is a fantastic banking and personal finance section. Check it out.
Thinking about moving a financial product, but not sure what to do? Then you must visit Bonkers. This brilliant price comparison site can help make the most of your money by showing how much you can save by switching to a different product or service.
Cheap Eats
We all know eating out can be pricey, but Cheap Eats has a team dedicated to munching its way around Ireland to find the best value for money eateries. There's something for everyone as they review everything from low cost lunches to luxury restaurants.
Value Ireland
This well-established consumer watchdog website offers all the latest money saving news, informed opinion, as well as tremendous tips, links and warnings. If you want to save some euros bookmark this site.

What money saving websites do you recommend? We'd love to hear your views, thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!