Have a Safe Christmas

Don't Drink & Drive

car-in-winterCan you believe the festive season is nearly upon us? With all the merriment, fun and celebration that goes with Christmas and New Year, now is a great time to remind ourselves of the perils of getting behind the wheel after a drink.

Did you know that over the past 18 months there have been some important changes to the driving laws and penalties? For example, if you get caught using a mobile phone whilst driving it'll earn you four penalty points (it used to be two), whilst the drink driving limit has been lowered.

The change to the drink driving limit is particularly hard to judge. The blood alcohol limit was previously 80mg per 100ml of blood tested, however this has been reduced to 50mg per 100ml of blood tested, and 20mg for new, novice or professional drivers.

The change has caused lots of discussion about how much is too much. Will your pint on the way home from work put you over the limit? Is a glass of wine with a big meal alright? Nobody knows exactly as everyone is different and reacts differently to alcohol. But one thing is for sure; alcohol and driving do not make a good combination, so it's best to never ever consume alcohol and drive.

If you do enjoy a drink, we've put together a very quick science lesson to help you understand how alcohol affects the body. The main factors are to do with gender, weight and size. It's proven that women feel the affects of alcohol quicker then men. So girls, try not to keep up with the lads this Christmas when it comes to drinking! This is because men are typically bigger and heavier and have proportionately more body water than ladies, so the affects of alcohol are slower.

Also, if you drink on an empty stomach, you will feel the affects of alcohol quicker as there is no food in your body to absorb the alcohol and slow down the process of it entering your blood stream.

Remember alcohol decreases your reaction times and impairs your judgement, both of which are not desirable when in charge of a vehicle. The best advice this festive season is don't drink and drive. Just one drink will affect your body, even if you don't feel it, and it may even put you over the limit.

We recommend that you assign a designated driver and be nice to them as they are your lift home! If you suspect that your driver has been drinking, do not risk your life by getting in the car with them, and ensure you have the number of a reputable and safe taxi company who you can use.

Remember, your driving licence is difficult to gain, but easy to lose and it's not only your life you can damage by jumping behind the wheel after a drink.

We wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas.