Happy Halloween!

Staying Safe this October 31st

happy halloweenIt's a well-known fact that kids all over the world absolutely love Halloween! What's there not to like about dressing up and playing tricks and treats on everyone? There's also the excitement of seemingly endless sweets and sugary treats which sees residential roads come alive into a cauldron of Halloween activity.

Here's some ghoulishly good tips to keep your little pumpkins, vampires and witches safe this Halloween!

  1. Be extra vigilant when driving. There may be lots of children dressed in dark costumes or over excited kids on a sugar high running across the road in search of their next treat and less likely to remember their green cross code. Be sure to drive with extra care and be mindful of this and the speed limit.
  2. The very nature of Halloween may see an increased number of callers to your front door, and if you are planning to welcome these callers, it is your responsibility to ensure that the trick or treaters have a safe passage of entry. If possible, turn on outside lights and illuminate your pathway so you are not liable for any trip hazards that may result in a fall and claim.
  3. By having your property well lit, it eliminates the potential of mischief occurring and undesirables getting up to no good.
  4. Make sure your car is well secured if it is parked outside your house on the road or drive way. If you have bicycles or loose items that can easily moved or stolen outside, move them inside, or to the back of your property. Out of sight… out of mind.
  5. The trick part of the trick or treating may be the part that most people dread. Bangers through the letter box may not be as common as it used to be, but it still pays to be vigilant. Wet rags stuffed into the letter box or any open access to your property outside of the front door is an old favourite. If you have a porch door, keep it locked and keep the tricksters at bay.
  6. Keep your beloved family pets away from the front door. You may think that everyone will love your friendly bounding dog as much as you do, but the last thing you want is your over excited pooch jumping up or frightening a child at the door and scaring them!
  7. It always goes without saying that you should never leave a burning candle or naked flame unattended. During Halloween, many people carve out a pumpkin and illuminate it with a candle. Remember a pumpkin is not fire resistant and must be closely watched. If you have candles outside your property, it pays to have them up high and out of the way of curious little hands and faces.
  8. If you decorate your property with scary Halloween decorations and banners, be careful of these around any naked flames or any that can prove to cause a hazard.
  9. Be vigilant when opening your door to strangers, especially late at night. This goes without saying all year round but Halloween is the perfect time for opportunistic intruders and thieves. Have a peek out of a window before opening the door (just to check if it is trick or treaters in search of sweets) or if there are strangers standing at your door, be careful and don't open the door.
  10. Never invite strangers into your home. Halloween is one of the only nights of the year where it is socially acceptable for strangers to call to your door and expect something from you. If they want something very urgent and request entry into your property, make sure you insist on seeing identification to verify who they are and what they want. If you are at all in doubt, do not open the door and call the Gards.
  11. Shock and awe: be mindful that the scare tactics and surprises involved in Halloween may not always be as funny to other people as it is to you. You don't want a law suit from a parent whose child was traumatised by your scary antics and jumping out of bushes!
  12. Halloween is not just for the young children. Older teenagers and students often use Halloween as a good excuse to dress up, attend parties and have frivolous fun! The majority of arrests and trouble tend to be caused by older groups of revellers and Halloween is notoriously a bad night for the emergency services to be working.
  13. Make sure you have adequate home insurance in place in case you need to make a claim as a result of vandals.
  14. Remember that fireworks and bonfires are illegal, so report any activity of this nature which you feel is putting you or your property in danger.
  15. Increase or create a neighbourhood watch programme and get you and your neighbours to work together

Happy Halloween from Chill Insurance!