Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Car Maintenance Tips


As the weather improves and the days become longer, we may find ourselves using our cars for longer journeys or even road trips. However after the cold winter months your car may need a tuning up before it heads out on the open road. Below are a few simple tips that should help prepare your car for the summer months ahead.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

After a long winter of rain, sleet and in some areas snow, your wiper blades may have been working overtime. Wiper blades have a life expectancy of 6 months to a year and after enduring a cold, wet winter they may have dried out. As we come into the summer months, it may be time to replace them before testing them in a potential summer rainstorm.

Time To Change The Oil

Some people have a tendency to change their oil twice a year, so what better time to do it then just before summer? Your engine may have been working overtime during the winter so now could be the perfect time for an oil change.

Tyre Check

Tyres not only have an impact on your car’s performance and safety, but they can also make your car more fuel efficient. It is important to inspect your tyres regularly but even more so after the winter months as there may be wear and tear caused by harsh weather conditions or grit and salt on the roads.

Wash Your Car

You would be surprised what a good car wash does to your vehicle. Not only does your car look better but it also prevents any long term damage from the rougher terrain it experienced in the winter months. We also recommend washing the wheels and underbody of your car to prevent any possible corrosion.

Make Sure Your Are Covered

Our last tip is to make sure that you have the necessary insurance cover in place before setting off on a long summer driver. We compare a number of Ireland’s leading insurers to help find the right deal for you. If you are interested in getting cover before the summer months you can give us a call on 1890 30 20 20 or get a quick quote above.