Learn How To Parallel Park Via Chill Insurance

How To Parallel Park

A Simple Guide To Getting It Right

Are you a master of the art of parallel parking? If not just read our 10 point “how to” guide which will have you getting into those difficult parking spots.

  • Person Browsing Chill Insurance Business Insurance On Her Laptop

    Naming Your Business Website

    5 Point Guide To Choosing A Website Name

    Choosing the name of your business website can help you stand out in the Irish market. We look at 5 points you should take into consideration when picking your domain.

  • Couple Preparing To Move Home To A New House With Home Insurance From Chill Insurance

    Stress-free Moving House Tips

    Making Your Move A Relaxed One

    Moving home can be a chore so here’s our guide for anyone going through the moving process who wants the move to be as simple, stress-free and organised as possible.

  • Car With Breakdown Assist From Chill Insurance

    Planning For The Road

    What You Should Have In An Emergency Car Kit

    As the scouts say “be prepared” which is why we have come up with a quick list of 6 items that every driver should have in their emergency kits.

  • Couple Painting A Living Room Which Has House Insurance From Chill Insurance

    Revamping Your Home

    With Our Cost Effective Tips

    Deciding what home remodeling projects to undertake can be a difficult decision due to time and costs. We've got some tips on how to decide what your options are.

  • Three Women On Holiday Who Are Covered By Travel Insurance From Chill Insurance

    Holiday Apps To Have

    10 Travel Apps To Download

    Google maps or a traditional map, which do you use on holidays? There are plenty of travel apps on the market so here are 10 of our favorites to use.

  • Heartbleed Faqs For Business Customers From Chill Insurance

    Heartbleed Checklist

    A Guide To Cyber Security

    Heartbleed, an online security bug, has been making headlines since it was discovered that it made certain online information susceptible to hackers. Our blog looks at what you need to know.

  • Young Girl Taking Photo Of Her Home Which Is Insured By Chill Insurance

    A Picture Perfect Home

    Planning Your Home Photo Shoot

    Being able to take great professional pictures of your own home, if you are planning to sell or rent, can help if you decide to put it on the market.

  • Chill Insurance FAQ'S For Setanta Insurance Customers

    What You Need To Know

    Updating Setanta Insurance Policy Holders

    Setanta insurance has announced that they have gone into liquidation with immediate effect which might leave motor insurance policy holders with unanswered questions. We have some answers to those questions.

  • Chill Insurance Café Ad Featuring Jennifer Maguire

    Introducing Our New TV Ad

    Don't Be Nice Just Get The Best Cover

    In our new TV ad, breakfast DJ and TV star, Jennifer Maguire channels her inner consumer champion on behalf of Chill Insurance to challenge you to shop around for your insurance.