Prepare Your Car For Winter

6 Things You Should Do To Be Prepared


Winter can bring with it its own series of driving hazards, some unique to Ireland including sudden drops in temperature which can lead to adverse driving conditions. At Chill Insurance we believe It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to preparing for the cold weather ahead . To help you be prepared for the potential bad weather ahead we’ve got 6 ways you can make your car ready for everything from torrential rain, snow showers, glaring sun to freezing temperatures.

Get Your Car Ready In 6 Steps

1. Be Prepared.
During the months of winter most of my conversations start with “how’s the weather” and when it comes to the winter this obsession kicks into over drive. We all remember the big freeze of 2010 which caught many people unaware and unprepared. Although we’re not suggesting that there will be severe snow or inclement weather it is best to prepare your car for any eventuality. Check out this blog we wrote about being prepared for the road by having an emergency kit.
2. Be Safe.
Every good emergency kit has a high-vis jacket and various safety materials. Before you set off make sure that not only do you have an emergency kit but that you have proper safety material in it. This can include warning triangles, safety beacons and cones.
3. Invest In Some Winter Tyres
Changing over from your normal tyres to winter specific tyres is a great idea. Although not widely used in Ireland at present, winter or snow tyres are designed to stay soft in cold temperatures for ultimate grip on ice which offers the user better road security during a sudden cold snap. Check with your local garage or tyre shop for more information on these types of tyres.
4. Check your liquids.
Check that you are using the correct oil and coolant for the season that you are in. Because outside temperatures can influence the internal temperature of your engine, you need to make sure you're using the proper oil for the season you are in. Check your cars manual or with a qualified mechanic that you are using the correct liquids.
5. Windscreen fluid
During the winter months there might be a chance that your windscreen wiper fluids might freeze if there is a sudden cold snap. Try to have a good 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze solution in the colder months.
6. Check the battery
Your battery is your cars life source so it is vitally important that you check it during the winter as much as possible. The reason being is that during the winter there is increased demand on your car battery due to you having to use your heaters more, windscreen wipers and demisters more often.
Before the winter weather takes hold have your car serviced or checked out by a qualified mechanic so that any potential power drains are identified and rectified. Invest in a pair of jumper cables so that if you do have an issue with your battery you can call upon help to get your car started.

The weather can change without much warning but there are some things you can do in advance to ensure that your car is ready for the winter months. If you are preparing for the winter make sure that your car insurance covers you in case you encounter any issues by checking your cover and the specifics of your policy.