5 Interesting Car Hacks

Make Your Life Easier


Whether it’s fixing the scratches on your car or getting the most out of your vehicle, there are a lot of everyday car issues that can be resolved quite quickly with simple everyday hacks. Below are five interesting car hacks that could make your life a whole lot easier.

Drop A Pin

Have you ever parked your car in an unfamiliar area and had trouble finding exactly where you left it? Our first car hack is for smartphone users. Once you decide where to park your car, simply drop a pin in your phone’s maps section. When you're returning to your car, open up your maps and you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle.

Filling Up Your Tank

We always want to hear ways we can save money, especially with the cost of fuel being so expensive. Our next car hack can help you get the most out of filling up your car’s tank and could save you a pretty penny. When you're filling up your tank at the petrol station, we advise you to hold the trigger halfway. This will allow you to get more fuel and less air in your tank.

Removing Stickers

Is it time to remove the stickers on your car that your child once insisted on putting up? Wet newspaper will do the trick, without leaving any residue. We recommend using warm water and leaving the newspaper over the sticker for ten minutes. After the warm water penetrates the sticker, it should almost fall off the window.

Fix Your Scratches

There is nothing worse than coming back to your parked car to find it scratched, especially if it’s not your fault. If you want to avoid the cost of a new paint job and cover up those scratches, we recommend using nail polish that’s a similar colour to your car.

Face East

If you live in a place where frost is a big problem and you park your car outside, than this tip is for you. Especially in the winter, we often have to wake up that little bit earlier to defrost the car before we head off to work. We recommend parking your car facing east so when the sunrises you can get the most out of its warmth, allowing your car to defrost easily.

We hope these tips prove useful and some may even cut down your car costs. We also like to help our customer save money on their car insurance. Get a quick quote above or give us a call on 01 4003400 and see how much you could save.