10 Ways to be Fuel Efficient

Saving Money On The Road


The Central Statistics Office (CSO) recently released figures relating to diesel and petrol prices for 2014 with some good news for Irish car owners. Prices, on average, fell across the board for both fuel types with the Irish consumer paying about 3% less for petrol and 5.5% for diesel at pumps during 2014 than they did in 2013. The savings are estimated to continue in 2015 with a number of sources suggesting that the price of a barrel of oil may keep going on its current downward trend.

So what does this mean for the consumer? Well it could be assumed that we will continue to make savings when it comes to filling up our cars. For instance this time last year I was paying €1.44 per litre of diesel compared to €1.19 per litre this week. That is a near 25 cent drop over the course of 12 months which is great. Let’s do some quick maths on those figures to see what I could stand to save this year.

20 litres per week in 2014 would have cost me €28.8 which works out at me spending €1497.6 on average for the year.

If prices remain around the same for 2015 then 20 litres a week would cost me €23.8 which works out at €1237.6. This means I could save a further €260 this year on diesel prices. You could say that it may all be coming up Colm if this trend continues for the year.

This got me thinking, if I were to be more fuel efficient over the coming 12 months how much more could I save? I asked our own friendly Spanish analyst to try and help me forecast my potential savings but because of the changing nature of oil prices we got lost in a haze of excel formulas and pivot tables. Instead of trying to forecast the potential savings I decided to look at ways I could improve my fuel efficiency.

A quick search online gave me 10 quick and simple ways to improve my cars fuel efficiency.

10 Fuel Efficiency Tips.

  1. Keep your tyres inflated at all times. We can tend to forget to do this but a fully pressurised tyre can help improve fuel efficiency greatly.
  2. Avoid rush hour. This is not always possible but being stuck in static traffic can use up a lot of fuel. If you live on a high traffic route try to investigate if you can come in 30 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later than others. This could help you miss peak traffic time.
  3. Keep windows closed. This mightn't be an issue in colder times but during the summer it can be common for us to drive with open windows to keep cool. Open windows can affect the aerodynamics of a car thus affecting fuel consumption.
  4. Keep turning left. Strange as it sounds if you can stick to left hand turns as much as possible on your route your fuel efficiency improves. Don’t believe us? Well watch this video from Mythbusters that looks at how right hand turns are fuel efficient on American roads.
  1. Reduce weight in the car. Is your boot full of things that could realistically be left in your home? Then they are taking up more than just space in the car, they are also affecting your fuel efficiency.
  2. Combine trips. Do you need to go to work, to the shops and to the gym? Try and combine as many trips as possible as this can cut down on short drives here and there which takes up a lot of fuel.
  3. Long trips first. Longer trips allow your car’s engine to heat up fully so that it uses up less fuel on the way home as you are getting closer to your final destination.
  4. Keep moving as much as possible. Constantly stop starting your car can use up a lot of fuel so keep your vehicle moving as much as possible.
  5. Stick to the limits. Speed limits are in place to protect road users but they can also help you save fuel. By sticking to the limits imposed, in the area you are in, you will not only avoid penalty points but you will be more fuel efficient as well.
  6. Ditch the car. If there are any alternative means for you to get to work then you should investigate them further. Cycling, walking and public transport are alternatives that can help you reduce your reliance on your car.

Choosing to be more fuel efficient not only helps the environment, it also helps your pocket. Another way you can save money on your car is by shopping around for your car insurance. It is estimated that you could save €180 a year by changing insurers.

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